Worship and Wellness Livestream

Worship: Remember Lot’s Wife / Wellness: Vitiligo by Pastor Shelem with Sister Maria Flemons

In this message, Pastor Flemons shows that the mother / daughters relationship of Lot’s wife and her daughters has prophetic symbolism. The Great Whore and her harlot daughters of Revelation 17 are here symbolized. They represent the Roman Catholic Church and the Apostate Protestant churches in our day that have exalted tradition above the word of God. Lot’s Wife left Sodom which is good. However, in leaving, she disobeyed and looked back which constitutes a combination of good and evil. Lot’s daughters also left Sodom which was good. However, in leaving, they committed some immoral acts with their father after causing him to get drunk. This, therefore, combined good with evil. Both Lot’s wife and his daughters found “good” reasons to disobey. To find a good reason to do a bad thing is s deception of the devil. Therefore Jesus admonished us, “Remember Lot’s Wife.” Luke 17:32
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